Monday, November 9, 2009

Stocks Under $1OBCI, TCX and WYY

Listed below are three stocks whose prices are under $1, which may be consider as penny stocks or small cap/micro cap stocks. Many penny stock lists can be obtained through various lists if you would like to find more penny stocks consider clicking on some links on the right hand side of this blog.

Ocean Bio-Chem Inc (OBCI) NASDAQ

Current Price $0.87

52 week range 0.31 – 1.45

Market cap 6.3M

P/E 10.5

P/S 0.3 vs. 5 yr average 0.5

P/B 0.8 vs. 5 yr average 1.3

Fair value estimate $2.56

Uncertainty high

Ocean Bio-Chem produces maintenance and care products for boats, recreational vehicles, and aircrafts, including polishes, cleansers, waxes, sealants, gasket materials, lubricants, antifouling additives, and degreasers. The company sells its products through discount retailers and mass merchandisers under the Star Brite brand name in the United States and Canada. Ocean Bio-Chem also manufactures products according to custom specifications for distribution under private labels.

Staying true to its roots, Star brite continues to base its growth on bringing new and innovative products to specific markets. Those markets currently include the original automotive and marine fields in addition to the RV, home care and aviation sectors. Expanding upon its chemical product offerings, the company also manufactures a complete line of brushes, handles, related cleaning aids, tie-downs and bungees.

Important things to note, Ocean Bio-Chem is currently not under compliance with the NASDAQ rules of its bid price being above $1.00 and they have until March 29, 2010 to have 10 consecutive days of trading above its bid price of $1.00. If they do not comply with this requirement they will more than likely face delisting The company may seek a longer grace period or exception in which it may continue its current listing .

Tucows Inc. (TCX) AMEX

Current price $0.54

52 week range 0.10 – 0.65

Market cap 36.65

Current valuation 5 year average valuation

P/E 6.4 18.4

P/B 1.5 3.6

P/S 0.5 0.9

Fair value $0.89

Uncertainty medium

Tucows' objective is to be the leading provider of Internet services to Internet service providers, web hosting companies and other service providers worldwide. If in fact Tuscow achieves this objective their stock price will be worth a lot more then 0.54.

Tucows provides domain names, email and other services through our extensive reseller network, called our OpenSRS group. We sell these services directly to consumers and small businesses through our unified Retail group known as Hover.

Through OpenSRS we manage over eight million domain names, millions of mailboxes for a network of over 9,000 web hosts, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), and other resellers around the world.

WidePoint Corporation (WYY) AMEX

Current price $0.82

52 week range 0.15 – 0.99

Market cap 50m

Current valuation

P/B 4.0 vs 7.8 five year average

P/S 1.3 vs. 3.9 five year average

Fair value $1.41

Uncertainty medium

This may be the first year looking back ten years that WYY breaks the red ink trend on their income statement. TTM EPS = 0.01 compared to (0.02) 2008

WidePoint Corporation is a leading provider of Identity Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication solutions offering advanced information technology through its innovative solutions to the government and commercial markets. Widepoint is comprised of three Business Groups with each offering unique capabilities specializing in asymmetric authentication deployed as PKI, wireless telecommunication expense management services, forensic informatics system engineering and associated consulting services

WidePoint is the leading provider of certificate-based security solutions and mobile telecom expense management systems to the federal government. The company provides an end-to-end suite of recurring revenue products and services targeting unexploited multi-billion dollar markets.

(Note that investing in penny stocks is extremely risky due to the volatility in the stock prices. Consider all risks before investing and do your own research.)

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