Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health Care Penny Stocks (CFS) and (SSY)

Comforce Corporation (CFS)
Current price: 1.31
52 week range: 0.85-1.75

Comforce a staffing, consulting, and outsourcing company that provides companies with temporary employees for jobs in the information technology, telecommunications, and health care industries. It also provides its clients with the tools to manage such temporary workforces. In addition, the Comforce provides payroll, funding, and outsourcing services to independent consulting and staffing firms through its financial outsourcing services division (Morningstar).

Comforce has had consistent revenue growth from 2002 starting at $381.5 Million to $606.6 Million in 2008. The company is also on track to reporting its sixth year with positive earnings. I anticipate Comforce will benefit in the coming years from economic recovery and growth as unemployment begins to slow.  With increasing demand for medical staffing Comforce could experience strong growth in this market segment until recovery occurs in the job market.

Sunlink Health Systems (SSY)
Current price: 1.99
52 week range: 0.50-2.95

SunLink Health Systems owns and leases hospitals. The company operates a total of six general acute-care community hospitals (owning five and leasing one) in non-urban areas of Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri. Several of SunLink’s hospitals either contain or are attached to nursing home facilities, and the company offers home healthcare services in the communities surrounding its hospitals (Morningstar).

Future Outlook
With an aging US population and the possibility of universal health care SunLink is positioned with a product that appears to have growth written all over it. With reports from the federal government of nearly 46 million uninsured Americans SunLink Health could soon find more demand for their services with the passing of universal health care. With that aside SunLink could still experience growth with the aging US population even if a universal health care bill is not passed.

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  1. I would agree Sunlink Health Systems looks pretty solid even through the tough times they have managed growth. I give them a thumbs up!