Monday, February 13, 2012

Wizzard Software Penny Stock (WZE)

Because of the increased risk with investing in a micro cap penny stock one of the things I like to look for is diversification in the penny stocks operating segments. With Wizard Software they are currently operating in three different segments, two of which will have strong demand and growth potential for the next ten years.

Wizzard Software (WZE)
Recent Price: $0.18
52 Week Range: 0.11 - 0.32
Market Cap: 17.52M

This software penny stock operates in three different segments; media speech and healthcare. For their media segment they offer digital media publishing tools that enable podcasters a way to distribute and monetize their content. They have the largest podcasting network in the world with 1.64 billion podcast downloads in 2010. Their Speech Segment has applications through AT&T that allows their voice technology to recognize words and respond. WZE's health care segment provides health care technology to various home healthcare agencies that can by used to capture patient data. This concept can help save time and money be speeding up the data storage and transcribing stage.

Growth Opportunity
Watch the video below from youtube with Wizard Software's CEO talking about his Podcast Segment


 The video above raises some interesting points about the potential for growth in the podcast industry and this penny stock is well positioned to fully capitalize on that growth.

Revenue Growth
Although WZE has yet to show strong growth or profitability they are showing some revenue growth and more importantly better earnings from better margins. I think this penny stock could see strong growth when their earnings break even and they have more of their own money to invest back into the company.


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