Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recent Spikes in Volume for Penny Stocks GSX, TGC

 Within the last two months these penny stocks that I wrote a report on have seen immediate returns and strong volume. Both penny stocks are natural gas and oil exploration micro cap companies. The two companies are Tengasco (TGC) and Gasco (GSX) similar names but completely different companies.

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I initially decided to look into the energy sector due to rising energy prices and noticed that micro cap and penny stocks were lagging behind the larger energy stocks. In theory I believed that the smaller companies would be able to react more quickly to changes in energy prices than the larger companies (The classic economies of scale scenario.)

The first penny stock I chose was Gasco (GSX) I picked the stock at 0.36 and it is now trading at 0.54 which is a 50% return in less than 3 months. I liked Gasco because of an increased effort by management to expand production to take advantage of rising prices.

The next penny stock I found was Tengasco (TGC) I picked the stock at 0.49 and it is now trading at 0.87 which is a 77.55% return in less than two months. I liked TGC a little better than GSX due to better cash positions and I felt that the rising energy prices would be better capitalized.

TGC VS. GSX past three months
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