Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gold Penny Stocks BRD, RIC, GRZ

Due to the popularity of a previous post highlighting gold penny stocks, I decided to write another article with one new penny stock and an update for the other two. My initial investment rationale was that since gold prices are at all time highs small cap or penny stock gold companies would be better positioned to benefit from the high prices. These companies would find it more economical to do more exploration then previously and would also have a better opportunity for increased earnings.

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 Ten Year Gold Price Chart

Brigus Gold Corp (BRD) "Formally know as Apollo Gold Corp."
Current price: 1.63
52 week range:  1.05 - 2.23
Market cap: 291.49M

Brigus is a gold exploration and mining company with mines located in different parts of the word such as in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The company currently has reserves of 2.3  million ounces, 2010 production between 80,000 and 85,000 ounces growing to an estimated 180,000 by 2013. This Gold penny stock believes it is well positioned now to maximize shareholders value by its current operations and plans for future growth. For more information about Brigus visit their website

Brigus Gold Production Outlook

Richmont Mines (RIC)
Current price: 4.88
52 week range: 3.66 - 5.72
Market cap: 151.34M

Before you get upset about Richmont not being a penny stock its still a micro cap stock and although its price is much higher than BRD its market cap is nearly half of BRD's which is really the determinant to how quickly a stock price can move.  Richmont Mines is a Quebec-based gold exploration company with over 20 years of experience. In 2009 the company announced its plans to reopen the Francoeur Mine. In 2010 the Befaufor Mine reached a lifetime production of 1,000,000 gold ounces; they also acquired 30% of the oustanding Louvem Mines.

Richmont Mines has two wholly owned mines and one mine being developed. The company has no long term debt or hedging contracts. Because they have no hedging contracts this gold penny stock is positioned to fully benefit from the record levels of gold prices but if there is a correction they will have nothing to protect them against falling prices.
RIC Revenue Growth

Gold Reserve Inc (GRZ)
Current price: 1.73
52 week range: 0.68 - 1.81
Market cap: 100.10M

This gold penny stock has a long history of exploration and development until their most recent project was shut down by the Venezuelan government for no apparent reason. The company had fully invested and developed the mine for exploration when the government shut down operations. The company filed suit against the government with the World Bank's ICSID with request of a minimum of $1.928 billion for damages which equals around $30 a share! Whether or not their suit will be successful is the question. The company stated that they fully complied with all permits, regulations, laws and procedures to legally develop the mine. Their side of the story would make me believe they have a strong case.

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